I am a filmmaker, cinematographer and visual artist. I was born in Tbilisi, Georgia and I live in Rotterdam, where I graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy in audio visual design.
Over the years, I have created film and video-projects for music, theatre and the fine-art fields. For various institutions I develop content, produce motivational and educational movies and help other creatives to enrich their concepts.

Since 2014 I have been providing audio visual content and services as in house media partner for international HagueTalks monthly events. It is a network platform for dialogue and an instrument for stakeholders: the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the City of The Hague and 160 Hague-based organisations and institutions. Covering topics of peace, justice, security, climate, human rights and SDG’s.

My set of skills cover the whole filmmaking spectrum: from creating the cinematic vision, operating camera, sound and light, conducting interviews, carrying out post-production, to the execution online via social media. The majority of my projects are realized in close cooperation with Maaki Production, where I operate as a creative director and cinematographer.

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Personal work:
I have developed a strong passion for cinematography and storytelling. Exploring visual language to communicate something personal and yet universal is a creative process that helps me define my vision.

I’m triggered by the phenomenon of time. The irreversibility of lived experience and the epistemic processes that takes place within one’s lifetime.

In my short movies I explore time elements in connection with lived experience, human dreams and regrets. These movies are nostalgic and deal with the search for personal identity. Characters tend to dwell outside of social norms and boundaries of time.

My photography work is an expression of my observational undertakings. In this process I focus on the spacial properties of the subject at hand. This can be short lived visual moments that appear in unintentional circumstances or an examination of a micro organism that forms patterns, shapes and different perspectives.