The Lake

short fiction film 12min. HDV 2009
film by Ramaz Melashvilli
editor – Maaki Nurmeots

“In the middle of a calm and forgotten lake, old fisherman is fishing in a boat. Appearance of a young man, brings a change to an old fisherman’s life.”


– Willem de Kooning Academy film program in academy gallery Blaak 10
– ‘The Best Dutch Student Films’ 5th edition of Breaking Ground NL
– Louis Hartlooper Complex, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
– ‘Off Screen’ film program – De Unie, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
– ‘Niewe Lichting student program’ Netherlands Filmfestival
– Louis  Hartlooper Complex, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
– Fin Festival – Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)