short fiction film 11min. 35mm 2011
film by Ramaz Melashvilli
editing by Maaki Nurmeots
list of cast & crew

A short Film about a two individuals being left out from present reality and stuck in their memories and desires.
A short movie made in the context of Kort Rotterdams 2011 and was realised with the financial support from the Rotterdam Media Fonds.

– World Premiere at Rotterdam International filmfestival, Rotterdam Kort program / Febr. 2011 The Netherlands
– Rijnmond TV, Rotterdam Kort program / July 2011 The Netherlands
– Batumi International Art House Film Festival in ‘Joung filmmakers‘ competition / Sept. 2011 Georgia
– Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam / Oct. 2011 The Netherlands
– Rijnmond TV 2013
– Festival about film and architecture. wegens het jubileum van het ACN (Architectuur Centrum Nijmegen). Afdeling Film LUX / VillaLUX   2013