Ramaz Melashvilli is a filmmaker and a visual artist. He was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, and emigrated in his teenage years to the Netherlands. He lives and works in Rotterdam, where he studied and graduated from the Art Academy in audio visual design/art.

His short films are nostalgic and deal with the search for personal identity. Characters in the stories tend to dwell outside of social norms and exist in the space between. The source of his ideas are his personal experiences as an immigrant living in between cultures. His films have little or no dialogue and communicate through visual storytelling.

In his photography and video experiments he explores the material properties of the external world. He is triggered by the urge to physically engage the outside world and reconnect more directly with the senses, using the flexibility of visual perception to personalise the experience. Through the observation of spontaneous interactions between objects, perspectives, shapes and colours, he tries to capture unintentional abstractions of everyday life. His main themes of exploration are nature, culture, industry, urban landscapes and architecture.

Ramaz also collaborates with artists from different disciplines on various  projects. Being engaged in a cross-disciplinary collaboration, challenges him to explore the cinematic expressiveness of specific concepts and to find a personal yet universal visual language for each project.

contact R. Melashvilli:
Rotterdam, The Netherlands